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The Garden Project

Feed the World - Plant a Garden!

The Garden Project seeks to inspire and engage our community in the production of home grown produce that is both delicious and healthy.
In order to accomplish this goal we seek to gather others of like mind to
join in a garden co-operative, collectively helping one another and learning together as we grow. A well planned and cared for garden can produce as much as five times the amount of produce as per the initial cost of investment. Families will experience the healthy benefits of eating salads, grilled zucchini, pesto, and fresh tomatoes picked the same day by their own hand. Finally, extra vegetables that are produced will be distributed to help others who are in need.

In addition to home veggie gardens, we have become aware that many fruit trees lie unpicked at homes across the city. We are marshalling volunteers to pick so that fruit that lies wasting on the ground is gathered and distributed to those who would otherwise have none. And to complete the project,
co-operation is extended to establish large garden plots at food banks and other institutions
to bring the benefits of whole food to those who can not
afford it. 
As the gardens grow, so grows the community: Gathering together
to share the knowledge, the experience, and the friendship;
Learning how to grow nutritious food and how to enjoy it; and, sharing with those in need.


The Garden Project at a Glance


*Home Gardens                                                       *Community Gardens

-Nutritional - Fresh produce                                               -Gleaners/ Food Banks

-Economic - Income and savings                                       -Home Care Facilities

-Spiritual - Good for the Soul                                             -Boys and Girls Club, ect.


*Harvest of Fruits                                                     *Gathering of Gardeners    

-Local grown                                                                    -Monthly get together

-Saved from waste                                                            -Share a meal from the garden

-Distributed to those in need                                              -Learn about cooking/nutrition



Sponsored by:  The Afford Foundation                         Contact: The Garden Project 
                          2821 Rio Linda Dr.                                             661-332-3204          
                          Bakersfield, CA 93305  



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